May 31, 2011

Two for One Tuesday

Looking through the list of tunes I haven't posted about here before, I came across two that I had never even heard of. The first is Batchelder's Reel, which from I gather is an Irish tune... makes me like it even more. Unfortunately it's kind of hard to find recordings of this tune. But, the one version I could find is pretty nice, it's by a group called the Russet Trio. I believe they are a contra band from New York based on my brief Googling.

Here the are playing Batchelder's Reel at the 2009 Falcon Ridge Folk Festival:


The second tune, Bayne Water, is also Irish (I'm pretty sure, correct me if I'm wrong). Again, pretty difficult to find recordings. What I discovered in the process of looking was one video:


And I also stumbled across a band who has recorded this tune called Claddagh. Check them out by clicking on the link. The album with this tune on it is the one with dragon.

Enjoy, and find some Guinness as you listen.

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