May 17, 2011

Backstep Cindy

Looking through my tune book, the one to come up is Backstep Cindy, which I believe is by Tommy Jarrell.

The first thing I did was type this in YouTube to see what versions came up and to my surprise/delight was a video of David Bass playing with Forge Mtn Diggers. I know of him from the Freight Hoppers, and he's been to Knoxville many times and played with some people I know here. Nobody plays with such a driving-yet-clear tone as Bass. He plays so hard he can never contain himself and inevitably breaks out what one friend of mine calls the stank leg.

Here he is with Forge Mtn Diggers playing Backstep Cindy:


If it's the slower tempo you like with more banjo, try this version out from squawkeye on Fiddle Hangout:
Backstep Cindy MP3

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