October 24, 2011

Government Issue Orchestra

Oh blog, I've neglected you and neglected you, and yet you do not disappear somehow. And judging by the traffic I see from time to time, some unwitting souls are still finding you as well. Huzzah!

I know better now, with my new job and all, than to say that I'll be a more regular poster. But I have recently come across a now-defunct band that I just have to share.

I heard Government Issue Orchestra the other day on Knoxville's WDVX, and I made sure I stayed in the car until they said who it was that was playing (they're usually pretty bad about getting around to that). The tune was Boating Up Sandy from the album I've pictured above.

From what I gather the band was short-lived and broke up even before the release of the album, so there is no YouTube presence that I can find. I have, however, tracked down a decent recording of this tune from other posters.


After I couldn't find them on iTunes, I broke down and bought their album the old-fashioned way. It's a really good time from front to back. My personal favorite is a tune called Brushy Run, complete with square dance calls. I goes like this (again, not them, but this is the best version I found:


Most of the tunes are instrumental, which I prefer personally, and for you who also like some singing mixed in you'll find that as well. The vocals, by the way, are strikingly similar to Uncle Earl, not sure if there is any overlap with the bands, just an observation.

Go to this website for some streaming tracks from the album I've mentioned and to hear more work from former member Michael Ismerio. It's worth the time. I only wish I had discovered them sooner.