February 08, 2011


The tunes just keep on coming. For the first time ever I think, I'm putting a recording of my own playing up here. Here's one of my favorite tunes, Waterbound, with Roger doing some vocals and guitar.

Waterbound MP3


  1. hey ben -

    surfed in looking for yew piney mountain mp3s and found YOU. lucky me! this is a great blog.

    working on a thesis, eh? from where and on what if you don't mind me asking...

    all the best,

    gary nelson

  2. Hello Gary:
    Thanks for finding the site. I am finishing a dissertation in geography right now, trying to be a teacher. I'm from KY, going to school at the university of TN. I used to have lots of time to post to this but I've been tied up with that lately. After I graduate in may I'm hoping to make some upgrades.