June 24, 2010

Angus Campbell

Continuing on through an alphabetical list of tunes, we approach one that I actually have not heard of, Angus Campbell. It seems common enough because it was really easy to find lots of information about it, and sounds like a really great one to learn.

Here is a lesson if you haven't tried to play it before:


If you're really good and keep up, you might try following this one:


Finally, a little something different. I've gathered this is a Scottish tune, and is popular in Scottish-influenced Cape Breton. Here's a version for you if you're a fan of the pipes.


1 comment:

  1. Great blog you've got! I've found some very good players and tunes here! I'll definitely be back to see what other great pieces of music you find out there!

    You're more than welcome to embed any of my stuff if you like it (www.youtube.com/scotsmanRS). I plan to have more of my own Scottish compositions up if you're looking for something fresh, and of course, more of the classics, too!

    Kind Regards,