December 10, 2009

Pokey LaFarge

Saw Pokey LaFarge and the South City Three last night based on a recommendation from my cousin-in-law (if that's a familial category). Even though I was slightly distracted by the Kentucky-UConn game that was simultaneously going on, I'm glad I went. They are a good time and have a really unique stage presence.

Not necessarily an old-time band the way I've been using it on here, but certainly rooted in music from the early 1900s. Makes me think of the music of traveling shows up and down the Mississippi River in its heyday.

Lots of music samples on the website, so definitely go check those out.

Here's a live recording:


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  1. Amazing performer and a real breath of fresh air who is hopefully destined for great things. I saw him at Edinburgh Festival in August, '09 and he blew everyone away. The new album, Riverboat Soul, has been getting loads of radio plays in UK, as have another great band from Virginia called Furnace Mountain. Recommend them too.