July 13, 2009

YPM Edition 7B: Farewell Tunes

Notes from Yew Piney Mountain Edition 7B: Farewell Tunes

Continuing with the theme of farewell tunes, this time I'm featuring James Scott Skinner's "Hector the Hero." I learned about the tune from when I went to a Four Leaf Peat concert in Knoxville, although I had heard it before.

It was the best part of the show, I thought, when they played this tune. They explained that many in the band had experienced the unexpected loss of a loved one recently, and dedicated the tune to everyone who had a similar painful experience.

When you hear the tune, it's hard not to feel the melancholy that it evokes. Skinner wrote the tune in honor of a late friend who had recently committed suicide. The lament he expresses with the music is palpable.

There are many renditions of this tune. Here is Four Leaf Peat's version:
Hector the Hero

Here's a wonderful live version by Wolfstone:

In case you haven't had enough, here's one final rendition by Breabach:

Photo from Flickr user ceiteiren
Wolfstone video from YouTuber UISTMAN59
Breabach from YouTuber HelenH96

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