June 25, 2009

YPM Edition 5C: West Virginia Festivals

Notes from Yew Piney Mountain Edition 5C: West Virginia Festivals
Continuing with the theme for this week of West Virginia' s music festivals (or gatherings, in some cases), let's take a look/listen at Vandalia. This event takes place in Charleston, right on the capitol grounds. There are lots of competitions for each instrument, and one thing I think is unique about it is you have to be a West Virginia resident to participate. Cuts out that riff-raff.

There is also a lie telling contest, which you can listen to here.

Goes without saying there is also lots of good music. Here's a few recent clips from the festival. I don't know the names of the tunes in this first video. I do know based on an unfortunate weekend that involved boredom, TBS, and Titanic, that when Leo takes Kate below deck to go to a real party with the Irish, they're playing this tune, just faster. Don't tell anyone about the Titanic reference.

The next video here features mountain dancing. The description of the video says, "People can say what they want about WV - this was a good time!"

Videos from YouTubers dantompkins and wrandyrice
Photo from Vandalia homepage

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