May 23, 2009

YPM Edition 2a: Carolina Chocolate Drops

Notes from Yew Piney Mountain: Edition 2a

Taking a look at my post from earlier in the week, I didn't really like it. It's too big. I'd rather just put up frequent short posts. But I do like the Ira Glass idea: each week we bring you a theme, and bring you a number of variations on that theme.

So this week, I'm going to explore Western North Carolina and the Piedmont Region.

First up, the Carolina Chocolate Drops. Few people have been more successful at reviving traditional old-time music from the Carolina Piedmont region. The group is also one of only a few that highlights the tremendous African-American influence in US old-time music.
Here they are in documentary-style promotional video produced for UNC-TV's Our State:

Our State - The Carolina Chocolate Drops from Pete Bell on Vimeo.

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